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Apple CEO: Tim Cook Attributes Steve Jobs For Promoting Privacy Culture

Apple CEO: Tim Cook praised late co-founder Steve Jobs for elevating privacy to a top priority at the business and claimed he still manages the tech giant substantially in the same way. Cook stated that Apple has worked to ensure that privacy doesn’t get lost in a world where surveillance is the norm during a Code Conference panel discussion on Jobs’ legacy on Wednesday. Along with former Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive and Laurene Powell Jobs, Cook remarked during the discussion, “I think Steve recognised it and saw that well, and I have every reason to believe he would have put up strong arguments and good fights along the way.”

The debate was facilitated by journalist Kara Swisher and took place after the company announced new iPhones, AirPods, and smartwatches on Wednesday morning at a significant product launch event. That presentation also focused on privacy, with Apple pledging to safeguard private user information such information on the health of women.

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Apple’s tight guidelines for app advertising affected their earning

Apple’s decision to tighten its guidelines for app advertising has sparked criticism in recent months, and social media businesses claim that this has reduced their earnings.

At the Code conference on Wednesday, Cook asserted that “digital advertising is not a negative thing.”

Vacuuming up people’s data when it’s not done on an informed basis is bad, he said. We attempt to give users control over their data by putting them in the driver’s seat.

Cook, who succeeded Jobs as CEO in 2011, the year of Jobs’ passing, claimed that the business continues to convene its weekly 9 a.m. Monday meeting with all of the senior executives, as it did under Jobs.

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Cook reveals:

Cook, 61, claimed that “the corporation is still run in many ways as Steve did.”

Ive, who quit Apple to launch his own design studio in 2019, claimed that Jobs’s main priority was never to sell more products. Ive remarked, “I’ve never encountered somebody so curious and inquisitive.

Powell Jobs, the Emerson Collective’s founder and Jobs’ widow, reflects on his efforts to streamline Apple following his time away from the company. He condensed the selection at the time to just four key product categories.

She replied, “He was quite worried about the business. He frequently discussed leaving a body of work behind, much like an artist does. Cook said Jobs occasionally adopted a position he didn’t really believe in to start a discussion because he thought debate produced better answers. He was one of “a gazillion” people.

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