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Apple iOS 18: Expected Features, Compatible Devices and everything we know so far

With iOS 18 scheduled to launch at WWDC 2024, Apple fans are looking forward to it with great anticipation.

Apple iOS 18: Expected Features, Compatible Devices and everything we know so far

Apple iOS 18:The highly anticipated release of iOS 18, which is scheduled to make its debut at WWDC 2024, is anxiously awaited by fans of Apple. Though the precise specifications of the upcoming software update remain undisclosed, speculations have started to circulate concerning the possible attributes and progressions that iOS 18 may offer. In this article, we will share all we know about this upcoming software.

Apple iOS 18: Expected features

The idea of a significant redesign is one of iOS 18’s most intriguing developments. iOS 18 is anticipated to be a game-changer, in contrast to earlier software releases that concentrated on small enhancements. Industry insider Mark Gurman claims that Apple is devoting more time and money to making sure that this update is “even more critical than usual.” This greater focus on detail suggests that iOS 18 will probably include ground-breaking additions and functionality.

Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging may also be supported in iOS 18. With the introduction of features like read receipts, audio messages, typing indicators, and enhanced group chats, this messaging standard is anticipated to facilitate more seamless communication between iPhone and Android users. RCS communications will improve cross-platform compatibility even though iMessage will still be the main messaging app for iPhone users.

Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri is another area where iOS 18 is expected to bring about revolutionary changes. According to early indications, the next generation of iOS releases will heavily incorporate generative AI technology. It is anticipated that this AI technology, which was popularised in ChatGPT by OpenAI, will improve Siri’s ability to respond to queries and finish sentences automatically. Users can expect a more intelligent and smooth virtual assistant experience with Apple putting a lot of effort into integrating massive language models into Siri.

Compatible device list

iOS 18 is expected to work with iPhones released in 2019 and after, while Apple has not yet verified the precise list of handsets that will support the operating system. The iPhone 16 lineup is anticipated to ship with iOS 18 pre-installed, and this covers models from the iPhone 11 series onward.

That is all the information that is currently available about iOS 18.

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