Apple Smart Ring to launch soon? Could compete with Samsung’s Smart Ring, All we know

Apple Smart Ring to launch soon? Could compete with Samsung's Smart Ring, All we know

Apple Smart Ring: With its recent tease of the Galaxy Ring, Samsung has piqued people’s interest in what’s coming up next in technology. It appears that Apple is determined not to fall behind. Apple is rumoured to be developing a smart ring of its own, and it may launch sooner than we anticipate. In this article, we will share all we know about the upcoming Apple Smart ring.

Apple Smart Ring

It’s no secret that Apple has long had its eye on smart ring technology. It appears that the market is now ready and Apple is prepared to move past the patent stage. An Electronic Times story claims that Apple is getting closer to releasing a product that is ready for the market.

Citing an insider with supply chain knowledge, the story states “It seems likely that commercialization is imminent.” Although the article doesn’t specify a release date, given the state of the industry right now, it shouldn’t be too long before an “p Ring” hits store shelves.

Smart rings vs Smartwatches

Smart rings have features that smartwatches already have, but they might be a more covert and practical option for wearing continuously. They might also allow for accurate biometric data collecting without the size or frequent recharging that smartwatches frequently need.

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