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Attention! New Android Malware Poses A Significant Threat To Your Phone’s Security, all you must know

Android Malware

In a study, Zimperium, a mobile security firm have found a trend regarding android malware. It has been seen some malicious apps or freewares are using non discovered or crafty methods to bypass security and hide from the in-built antivirus which arises a significant threat fort your phone’s security which can also lead to even stealing of all your phone data in a few seconds. Check full story to get into more details.

Dark Web Hackers are costantly working to find all new undiscovered ways to make you install their harmful apps in your mobile and their latest way of doing this involves a sort of Android Malware which is capable to stay hidden even from some of the best mobile antivirus apps. This new practice of hackers includes a new technique to prevent the malware to be detected by Security systems, as per a Tom’s Guide Report.

In a Study, Zimperium, a company which works to find and remove malware from the Google Playstore, where android users download all the Apps that they need. To make it clear, you should be aware about APKs. APK is android package kit that contains the load of the App that you download from Google Playstore. At times when hacker takes controls of these apps, they eventually resist being detected by Antivirus systems because they use undiscovered crafty methods to hide their real intentions. Cybersecurity experts are still working to decipher these new tactics adopted by the hackers. You will not get to know when these android malwares will intrude into your phone’s security and steal all your private data for their personal interests.

Zimperium Report Says, they have found 3300 malicious APKs, majority of these apps affects device running Android 9 or later.

How To Stay Safe From These Malicious Apps

In order to stay safe from these malicious Android apps, ensure that you are downloading and installing any App in your device from the official playstore. Sideloading (installing Apps from unknown sources) is an easy way for hacker to push these malwares into your device. Even though, when you are installing any app from the Google Playstore, you are advised to some prior research, see reviews and know about the app developers to ensure that the app is safe to use.

It is very important to shield your phone from these Malicious Apps, you need to have some higher level of presence of mind while you install any application from Google Playstore.

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