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Can ChatGPT help lawyers? If yes, How

Zachariah Crabill, a young attorney, lost his job as a result of using ChatGPT, an AI application, to generate and insert fictitious references in court filings. Crabill launched his own firm employing AI for legal services in spite of the setback and is still positive about the technology's promise in the legal industry.

ChatGPT: Do you want to find ways to increase the productivity of your legal practise? Do you know where to begin despite having heard about ChatGPT’s potential for lawyers? In this article, we will tell you how you can use ChatGPt if you are a lawyer and one case that will make you think if you should use it or not?

Can lawyers use ChatGPT?

With time, Chat GPT has developed into a valuable resource for legal professionals. With the use of AI-powered technology, time-consuming chores like content creation and research can be streamlined, giving attorneys more time to concentrate on their cases. Furthermore, Chat GPT can assist lawyers in adhering to the moral and professional standards that they are required to uphold. It can, for instance, produce content based on the standards of professional behaviour that attorneys and legal firms must follow. Chat GPT’s capability makes it a priceless tool for legal practitioners.

Lawyer uses ChatGPT to meet deadlines, gets fired

According to Crabill, he became more anxious when his supervisors gave him a lot of work to do in May and worried about impending deadlines. Using ChatGPT as a study tool, he also tried to cope with the mounting pressure. On one occasion, he even requested it to back a motion he had drafted.

“When ChatGPT saved me hours of work, it was a tiny ray of sunlight in an otherwise abysmal situation,” Crabill was quoted. He added, “My experience is not unique; sadly, I’ve heard many attorneys say they too were ‘thrown to the wolves’ early in their career.”

After ChatGPT finished his work, his supervisor gave it the go-ahead for it to be filed with the Colorado court. Things went wrong because the young lawyer forgot to examine ChatGPT’s reaction while doing so. He was fired as a result of the chatbot producing fake legal action citations.

Subsequently, he informed the judge that he had strengthened the motion paper using the AI chatbot.

He will keep using AI

Crabill is still optimistic about generative AI’s potential to increase lawyer productivity. In fact, he launched his own business providing artificial intelligence-assisted legal services. Furthermore, he claims that ChatGPT is his personal Google and that he utilises it on a regular basis for his job.

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