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Caviar launches iPhone with Viking history inside for $9000, All you must know

With an outrageous price tag, you may scratch your eyes in shock when you see Caviar's unveiling of a personalised iPhone 15 Pro Max covered in Viking armour.

Caviar: The iPhone 15 series was introduced by Apple earlier this year, with a new Titanium body and a limited selection of colours. Nevertheless, luxury business Caviar made the decision to add some flair by coating the new iPhone 15 Pro Max in gold and adding a piece of a Viking arrowhead to it.

Caviar launches iPhone with Viking history inside

The most costly model among the several new customised iPhone 15 Pro variants released by Caviar is the iPhone 15 Pro Max Viking. Accompanied by a Viking arrowhead fragment that Caviar claims dates back to 850–1000 AD, it is an outrageous $9,000 purchase.
Forged carbon from Lamborghini sports car production is utilised in the phone’s chassis in place of titanium, which Apple previously used. According to Caviar, the panel has 24K gold frames installed, giving it a shape similar to a helmet’s.

The Versus Collection features other inspirational designs, including Windstorm, Verdant, and Nord, in addition to the Viking model.

Every model exhibits distinct colour palettes and design components, meeting the ever-changing tastes of discriminating consumers.

For instance, the Verdant model features a vivid green chassis, offering a welcome change from the standard iPhone selections, while the Nord model has a striking blue chassis.

Price and availability

Starting at $6,860 for the iPhone 15 Pro Windstorm, the Viking model is the most costly in the line, costing $9,000. The prices of the Windstorm and Verdant and Nord models are comparable. Just 17 Viking models and 99 Verdant, Nord, and Windstorm models are available; all of these models are part of a limited edition. Additionally, the UFO collection for the iPhone 15 series was introduced by the company last month.

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