CES 2024: Samsung showcases Flex In&Out concept display, What’s new

CES 2024: Samsung showcases Flex In&Out concept display, All you must know

CES 2024: A revolutionary foldable screen technology was introduced by Samsung at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. Known as “Flex In&Out,” it allows for 360-degree folding. This implies that a gadget using the technology will bend backwards in addition to opening and closing like a conventional clamshell-style foldable smartphone. With a foldable phone, the “Flex In&Out” display is supposed to do away with the requirement for an external display because the internal display would serve as the cover display.

Samsung Flex In&Out

Samsung debuted its new “Flex In & Out” concept gadget at CES 2024. It has a foldable screen and resembles the Galaxy Z Flip 5 in terms of physical factors. Though it features an external display, the company’s most recent clamshell-style foldable phone can fold both forward and backward. You can interact with material on the screen even when it is folded thanks to the 360-degree folding display.

Plans to include the new “Flex In & Out” display technology in a future Galaxy Z Flip smartphone have not yet been announced by the South Korean smartphone manufacturer. One display on a folding phone would reduce the number of apps that might be used when the display is folded shut and remove the requirement to set up an external display independently from the home screen.

Samsung at CES 2024

Other foldable and rollable prototypes that Samsung showcased at CES 2024 were the In&Out Flip and Flip Liple. One such gadget is the Rollable Flex, which, when rolled out like a scroll, may expand up to five times its initial size. The Flex Hybrid is an additional concept that blends slideable and foldable elements.
These creative ideas demonstrate Samsung’s commitment to investigating new possibilities in the realm of foldable and rollable electronics.

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