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Chandrayaan 4: ISRO to bring Moon soil samples in the next mission, All details here

Delivering lunar soil samples back to Earth will be critical to Chandrayaan-4's success.

Chandrayaan 4: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) focused on Chandrayaan-4, its next mission, following the success of Chandrayaan-3. The goal of the Chandrayaan-4 mission is to bring back soil samples from the Moon. In this article, we will share all we know about the next lunar mission.

Chandrayaan 4 details

In an ambitious endeavour, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) intends to gather soil or rock samples from the Moon and bring them back to Earth. Lunar Sample Return Mission (LSRM) is the suggested mission name.

Utilising instruments carried by the payloads, all Chandrayaan missions to date have examined the lunar surface, soil, and samples in situ, or at the location itself. Following the successful August 23 landing of Chandrayaan-3 over the lunar south pole, the space agency has been working on planning missions to the Moon in the future. The Shiv Shakti point is the name given to the location where Vikram touched down on the lunar south pole.

What did ISRO say?

Nilesh Desai, director, ISRO’s Space Application Centre (SAC), said, “ISRO is now planning a bigger mission, where we will try to bring back rock or soil samples from the Shiv Shakti point. Hopefully, in the next five to seven years, we will be able to meet this challenge.”

Undertaking the Lunar Polar Exploration Mission (LUPEX) to explore the Moon’s dark side, ISRO is collaborating with the Japanese space agency JAXA on another lunar mission. A 350-kilogramme or more rover will be used for this mission to explore regions of the lunar surface up to 90 degrees.

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