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Copper or Aluminium Condenser, Which AC is better? Check Out

As the heat from the air conditioner is transferred from the room, the condenser coils are a crucial component of the complete system.

Aluminium Condenser vs Copper Condenser: This issue could be a little puzzling to those of us who don’t know much about air conditioners. So, you might be thinking, I had no idea that the condenser was made of aluminium or copper. You are pretty much right though. These components do not make up the condenser; rather, the coil inside is what counts. Returning to our main question, which is preferred, copper or aluminium condensers? In this article, we will tell you which one should you go for if you are planning to get a new AC this summer.

Aluminium Condenser vs Copper Condenser

You are not willing to take any chances while purchasing an air conditioner. The coil element is one of the features that could influence your choice to buy. Read ahead to know the difference.


Metal corrodes when it reacts with air, a process known as oxidation. In comparison to copper, aluminium is much more prone to this kind of corrosion. Because air constantly passes over the coils of your air conditioner, oxidation is a common occurrence. One thing that benefits aluminium in this situation, though, is that once a first oxide layer forms, it stops more oxidation. In contrast, copper undergoes continuous oxidation until it is totally consumed.

Thermal Or Heat Conductivity

Compared to aluminium, copper has a lower specific heat. This indicates that copper heats up and cools down more quickly than aluminium. This indicates that the condenser’s copper coils will radiate heat significantly more quickly than its aluminium coils while operating in AC.

Tensile Strength

Tensile strength is a measure used to determine how malleable a metal is. It is typically the point at which stress causes the wire to break. Aluminium is not as tensile-strong as copper. This indicates that bending copper into the correct shape requires more force than bending aluminium. Appliances made with copper will therefore cost more to produce. The cost of an air conditioner with copper coils will be higher than that of one with aluminium coils.

Maintenance & Repairing

Copper condensers require significantly less maintenance than aluminium condensers, which allows them to function flawlessly for a longer period of time. Aluminium condensers can leak easily and are not fixable on the spot. Taken to the service centre is what’s required.

Long-Term Star Rating

Energy efficiency is measured in terms of stars. Within two to three years, the copper condenser’s 5-star rating decreases to a 3-star rating. In the same amount of time, the rating for the aluminium condenser decreases to 1.


Better heat exchange, durability, longevity, and maintenance are the features of copper coils. These advantages, nevertheless, can come at a high price. However, aluminium coils are less expensive overall, which reduces the cost of the air conditioner. They need to be replaced if broken, though, as they are not as strong.

In conclusion, if your budget allows it, you should choose a copper coil air conditioner because they are less likely to break and require less upkeep. If you’re on a tight budget and are willing to give the air conditioner regular maintenance, aluminium coil air conditioners are a fantastic option.

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