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E-Sim: Planning To Shift On A Newer Technology? Here’s How To Use; Details With Benefits Here

If you want to use e-sim in your device instead of the traditional physical one. Checkout thhe how to setup e-sim and advantages of using them below.

E-Sim: With the rapid advancement in technology in the modern world. Several developments are also talking place in the telephonics. One of the big and latest development is E-Sims. Now we can use E-sims instead of the traditional physical ones. Even though, several brands are offering smartphones that supports E-sim, still many of the people are not aware of this latest technology. Here’s all you need to know about e-sim.

What Is E-Sim ?

E-Sim stands for Embedded Subscriber Identity Module, all the latest smartphones and smartwatches usually supports E-sim. Unlike the physical sim that can be removed from the smartphones, E-sim stays directly connected to the hardware of the smartphone. E-sim also operates as the traditional physical sim.

Benefits of Using E-sim

E-sim users don’t need to use physical sims anymore and in case they want to switch sim , they can easily switch it in the device settings without any hassle. An E-sim can be activated and deactivated on a single tap on the smartphone.

How To Use E-Sim?

If you want to use E-sim, you need to assess whether your smartphone supoort it or not. While many of the latest devices support E-sim, it is also possible that your device doesn’t supports this feature. If you device suports e-sim, you need to follow undermentioned steps.

Contact Your Network Provider

First, you need to call your carrier provider and ask them if they provide e-sim or not.

Scan The QR Code

If your network provider offer e-sim facility, it will provide you with a QR code which you will be needed to scan along with following all the guidelines displaying on your screen. If you complete this process successfully, you will be able to use E-sim in your device.

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