Google AI to become a paid service soon? What we know

Google AI to become a paid service soon? What we know

Google: There are rumours that Google intends to include its AI-powered search capabilities with its premium membership. According to a Financial Times report, Google is thinking of charging for additional capabilities on its search engine that uses generative AI. The enormous sum needed to maintain the service and pay its bills may be the cause of the move.

Google AI to become a paid service soon?

According to the Financial Times, which quoted three unidentified sources familiar with the plans, the tech giant is considering possibilities like incorporating specific AI search capabilities within its premium subscription services. Executives haven’t determined whether or when to offer the service, but engineers are working on the technology to make it happen. According to the Financial Times, Google’s widely used search engine would remain free and show adverts next to search results.

Therefore, there may be a cost if customers would rather have a pristine, premium version of the Search AI. With the assistance of its engineers, the corporation is still investigating potential uses for the premium model; therefore, it is unclear when these ideas will be made public or not.

The reason behind the upcoming move?

The possible action could be taken as Google attempts to strike a careful balance while adding generative AI to its main search engine. The business introduced its Search Generative Experience (SGE) last year, offering AI-generated insights in addition to conventional search results and adverts.

Although early customer reaction to SGE has been good, the analysis suggests that Google’s principal revenue stream may be impacted by users’ interactions with advertisements as a result of the departure from the standard results structure.

According to Mandeep Singh, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, Google may be able to make up some of its lost revenue by charging for specific AI search features without jeopardising its main search ad business.

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