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Google Play Store: Top 5 Casual Games you can play on your Android device, Do Read

Google Play Store: Top 5 Casual Games you can play on your Android device, Do Read

Google Play Store: Not everyone desires to spend hours each day using their phone for gaming. That’s the reason why there are casual games. Famous mobile games like Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds have helped to propel these games’ enormous growth. They can be played as casually or competitively as you’d like, on the go and at your own leisure. In this article, we will tell you about 5 amazing casual games that are available on Android.

Google Play Store: Top 5 Casual Games

1. Monument Valley 2

The Independent puzzle game Monument Valley 2 was created and released by Ustwo Games. It is the follow-up to the video game Monument Valley from 2014. In June 2017, it was published for iOS, and in November 2017, it was released for Android. October 2021 saw the release of a new chapter titled The Lost Forest. March 11, 2022, saw the debut of Monument Valley 2+, an Apple Arcade exclusive. In July 2022, Monument Valley 2: Panoramic Edition, the PC version of the game, was made available on Steam.

2. WorldBox

God and simulation fans can play the free Sandbox game WorldBox. Create life and watch it grow in this free Sandbox God game! Cast forth wolves, sheep, dwarves, orcs, elves, and other magical beings! Buildings, roads, and warfare are all possible for civilizations to accomplish. Aid in their evolution, survival, and establishment of a strong society!

3. Pocket City

Become the mayor and create your own city! Establish zones for commerce, industry, and residential use. Create parks and areas for leisure. React to incidents of crime and natural disasters. Watch your city come to life!

4. Alto’s Odyssey

In the easy-to-learn infinite runner game Alto’s Odyssey, you’ll race down sand dunes, wall-ride obstacles, and explore historic sites. You will, however, be drawn back for more adventure by the stunning sound design, calming soundtrack, and changing colour schemes.

5. Railbound

In the cosy puzzle game Railbound, two dogs are travelling the world by train. Assist everyone in getting to their houses by connecting and cutting railways across various terrains. Over 240 creative puzzles to solve, from moderate slopes to twisting tunnels, await you.

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