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Google to launch ‘Help Me Write’ to Chrome Browser for desktop, what you must know

Google has recently released a new AI-powered application called Help Me Write, which allows users to create content depending on the context of their surfing.

Google to launch 'Help Me Write' to Chrome Browser for desktop, Al you need to know

Google: As far as desktop versions go, it appears like Google Chrome is getting ready to get some additional AI-powered features. 9to5 Google found evidence of the AI “Help me write” feature in the desktop version of Chrome. Read on to learn more about this feature.

Google’s Help Me Write for Chrome

This AI-powered tool is being developed by Google Chrome to help users with writing tasks. This feature, which is now in Chrome Canary 122’s experimental phase, promises to provide text suggestions depending on user prompts and the context of the webpage, making it a useful tool for enhancing writing accuracy and efficiency.

The purpose of “Help Me Write” is to offer consumers AI-powered writing support straight from within the Chrome browser. This tool will provide users with suggestions for relevant texts to help them write more effectively, experiment with different writing styles, and get past writer’s block.

Availablity details

There are two experimental flags in the chrome://flags area that can be used to access the “Help me write” feature for Chrome, which is currently under development. The earliest possible launch date for Chrome 122, which is anticipated in February 2024, is contingent upon more development before a wider release.

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