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GTA 6: New leak indicates that the long-Awaited Rockstar game may have Male or Female protagonist?

GTA 6 Long-Awaited Rockstar game to have Male-Female protagonist

GTA 6: The upcoming installment of the “Grand Theft Auto” series from the American video game publisher ‘Rockstar Games’ is likely one of the most eagerly awaited games. Now, a new leak has provided a sneak peek at its gameplay.

According to reports, a tech company had discovered a GTAForum, comprising of about 90 videos of game clips, with debug code and interfaces running and supporting the authenticity of the claims. On GTAForums, the hacker known as “teapotuberhacker” claimed to have obtained the video via breaking into a Rockstar employee’s Slack account.

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GTA 6 leaks are a hard-to-miss

These leaks could either be true or false. Since, they are made with such meticulous detailing that even the audience of the GTAForums’ members consider it to be authentic. Male and female protagonist character are shown in a number of clips from the leak, which is consistent with the prior claims about what to expect in the upcoming game.

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Additionally, they depict gameplay taking place in a fictional city that resembles Miami; this matches early rumours regarding the changes that “GTA 6” will make to the franchise. It’s important to keep in mind that these probably depict an older build and the date to be around 2017.

Rockstar has changed the title of existing GTA 5 pages

Since, the game has been in development since 2014, it is reasonable to assume that development snapshots will come from different builds over the year. According to reports, Rockstar rolled the credits from “GTA 5” and “GTA 5 Online” on its website earlier this month with a new headline, “Thank You”. Many interpreted this as a sign that they were ending active participation on the game. The game was earlier slated to release in 2024 or 2025, but with the recent leak, the date now seems to be very tentative.

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