Honda SP 125: Does Fuel efficiency paired with elegance make it the Numero Uno? Check

Honda SP 125: Does Fuel efficiency paired with elegance make it the Numero Uno? Check

Honda SP 125: We all know that all of us have a special place in our hearts for high-mileage bikes. No matter which bike we get we all try to get the mileage possible. Commuters are designed to churn out mileage from even the last drop of petrol left in the fuel tank. In this article, we will tell you about an amazing commuter that not only gives amazing mileage but also has elegant looks. Today we will talk about the Honda SP 125. Read on to know all about this elegant commuter.

Honda SP 125: All you need to know

Key Specs

Engine123.94 cc
Torque10.9 Nm
Kerb Weight116 kg
Power10.87 PS
Mileage60 kmpl

Powertrain details

The 123.94cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine that powers the Honda SP 125 is coupled to a 5-speed gearbox and produces 10.8PS and 10.09Nm at 7500 and 6000 rpm, respectively.

A mileage of sixty kilometres per litre (kmpl) is claimed for the Honda SP 125. In actuality, according to some owners, the mileage is 65 km/l. It costs Rs. 1.67 per kilometre for running the SP 125. That is an amazing price per km.

Features onboard

All SP 125 models are fitted by Honda with an LED headlamp and a small, full-LCD instrument dashboard that shows a fuel gauge, speedometer, trip metres, distance-to-empty reading odometer, gear indicator, side stand indicator, and clock in addition to other information. Additionally, a silent starter and a side-stand engine cut-off mechanism are included.

Price in India

The front-disc version of the SP 125 retails for Rs 90,017, while the front-drum variant costs Rs 86,017. The price of the Honda SP 125 Sports Edition is Rs 90,567, all ex-showroom in Delhi.

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