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How can Robotics and Emerging Technologies help the Agricultural sector in India?

Robotics: The productivity of various agricultural items is still lower in India than in countries like the USA and China, despite the fact that agriculture’s proportion to GDP has declined over time as the country’s economy has grown. The agriculture industry in India has expanded in spite of this.

Robotics in Agriculture

The use of automated technologies reduces the possibility of human error while also improving efficiency. In order to keep processes running smoothly, it also helps in lowering the amount of human labour needed. In the last several years, a lot of sectors have embraced robotic technologies that have aided in operational automation. Robotics offers enormous potential to improve productivity and operational efficiencies in the labour-intensive agricultural sector. Robotics can greatly optimise various tasks such as weed eradication, pesticide and fertiliser application, irrigation, and other operations. These procedures can conserve water and lessen the need for agricultural inputs, both of which can lower costs.

Drones, geotagging, and robots in agriculture are still in their infancy when it comes to India. Farmers must be properly educated and trained in order to implement these technologies, along with AI and ML models. In order for these technologies to be widely used, they also need to be economical and accessible to farmers. Professionals in this field are always striving to make it feasible and put it into practise so that farmers can use these technologies to increase production efficiency while lowering input and operational costs.

Advantages of Robotics in Agriculture

  • Enhances profits in the long run
  • Identifies potential diseases and pest attacks
  • Ensures crop and soil health with continuous monitoring
  • Optimises usage of fertilisers and pesticides
  • minimises water waste
  • Enhances quality yield
  • Cost reduction
  • Precision spraying of chemicals
  • Minimises errors
  • Optimum continuity of operations

Disadvantages of Robotics in Agriculture

  • For small and marginal farms, it is difficult to buy or hire these robots.
  • Research and development are intensive
  • Requires energy for functionality
  • Eliminates agricultural employment options
  • Regular maintenance is required
  • Costly investment for farmers

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