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Humane AI Pin launched, is powered by GPT-4, All details here

Humane finally unveiled the AI Pin, their first product, on Thursday, capping months of demos and teases about what the electronics of the future powered by AI would entail.

Humane AI Pin: Imran Chaudhri, a former employee of Apple, created Humane, and on Thursday the company unveiled the AI Pin, its first artificial intelligence-powered product. As the first contextual computer in history, the AI pin is described by the business as a wearable that can be attached to your shir to provide the same kind of body-worn camera experience. It is driven by OpenAI’s GPT-4 protocol. It can take pictures, display an interactive user interface in your palm, and make voice and text calls in addition to supporting touchscreen operations. In this article, we will tell you all you must know about this innovative piece of technology.

Humane AI Pin: What is it?

Humane claims that the AI Pin is a wearable without a display that is intended to lessen reliance on cellphones. Rather, it projects its own interactive Laser Ink Display onto your palm using a laser beam scanning projection mechanism. Additionally, according to Humane, it has a touchpad that supports motions and can be used to swiftly launch various AI-powered functions.

A little square piece plus a battery pack that affixes magnetically to clothing or other surfaces make up the Humane AI Pin. The device’s most intriguing feature is its lack of a screen in favour of a tiny projector that projects laser text and icons onto the user’s palm.

How much does it cost?

At $699 (about Rs. 58,289), the Humane AI Pin includes a small, square device as well as a power pack that can be fastened magnetically to clothing or other surfaces.

A Humane subscription with a phone number and data plan through T-Mobile in the US is offered by the corporation for a monthly charge of $24 (Rs. 2,000). Pre-orders will open on November 16 and the device will start shipping to customers in early 2024.

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