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iPhone 14 models: Apple to discontinue the built-in SIM card tray feature – what will happen to your iPhone?

iPhone 14 models: The new iPhone 14 lineup be sold without physical SIM trays Only in the US. Although they can use two eSIMs simultaneously (and store more).

To recap, eSIMs are SIM cards, only they are electronic rather than physical. As a result, you can provision your phone remotely rather than having to visit a store to purchase a physical SIM. Because T-Mobile now uses eSIMs to allow people to test-drive its network for up to three months, it is now easier (in some ways) to switch networks or try one out. As long as you stay within the Apple ecosystem, you can even transfer your eSIM between iPhones via Bluetooth as of iOS 16. This should make it almost as simple as using a physical SIM.

Since 2018, iPhones have supported eSIM, including dual SIM functionality

This is supported by the majority of major US carriers as well as many other carriers worldwide. Before the iPhone 13, there could only be one eSIM and one physical SIM; the iPhone 13 family made it possible to use two eSIMs simultaneously. The logical next step is to remove the physical SIM and the hole it requires in the case. The iPhone 14 still has a SIM tray in every other country, at least for Apple and in the US.

An eSIM can be downloaded from Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile

The absence of a physical SIM tray probably won’t have much of an effect on you if you use one of the major US cellular networks, such as AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile. You can download an eSIM from Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile without visiting a store, even if you switch carriers or phones.

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However, one shouldn’t purchase the iPhone 14 at this time if they are using a carrier that does not support eSIM or if they intend to switch to one. You might not have to wait long because this might be the motivation smaller carriers need to adopt eSIMs.

Know how many eSIMs can be carried by the Apple iPhone 14 models

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro can each hold up to eight eSIMs, according to information provided to The Verge by Apple representatives at the launch event. Depending on the model, older iPhones could hold five to ten eSIM cards, according to global eSIM reseller Airalo. Though not all global carriers accept eSIMs, this might lessen the blow of losing the physical SIM tray. When travelling abroad, being able to remotely provision a local eSIM might make finding a local SIM unnecessary.

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