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iPhone 15 Pro Max Costs Rs 5.99 lakhs in Pakistan As Against Rs 1.6 lakh In India; Why Is Pakistan Imposing Huge Tax?

Here, we have explained why iPhone 15 Pro Max costs a lot more than India. Simultaneously, we have also discussed the major reason of a significant price hike of the smartphone in neighbour country when compared to India. Check more details below.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Cost In Pakistan: iPhones are the most popular smartphones across the world. Every year people eagerly wait to witness the latest iPhone. The California based tech giant, Apple also launches its new and cuttiing edge devices in September every year. But the main concern that comes in every buyers mind is the pricing of these latest iPhones in their home country. Where, iPhones can be so costlier in some countries. On the other hand, they can be bought in relatively low prices in other countries. For instance, In Pakistan, iPhone 15 Pro Max costs around Rs. 6 lakh and in India, it comes around Rs. 1.60 lakh which is significantly lower than the Neighbour country’s price. If you also confused about these differing prices, this article is going to clear all your doubts. Check full story to get into more details.

iPhone 15 Cost: Why Is Pakistan Imposing Huge Tax?

Pakistan’s rising and uncontrollable inflation is the biggest reason for the significantly hiked prices of iPhones in the country. Checkout the country’s economic situation in the infographics below.

Indian Economy And Inflation: Vis-a-Vis Pakistan

India’s economy is the fifth largest economy of the world which is heading towards positive growth. India is in a far better situation in comparison with Pakistan. Checkout the infographic below to grasp more details.

iPhone 15 Series Cost: Taxation On iPhone 15 Pakistan Vs India

iPhone 15 Model VariantPakistan Non PTA Prices Prices (PTA Included)India Non GST Prices India Prices (GST Included)
iPhone 15 128 GB Rs.236,000Rs. 366,708Rs. 65518 Rs. 79900
iPhone 15256 GB Rs.265,500Rs.396,208Rs. 73718 Rs. 89900
iPhone 15 512 GB Rs.324,600Rs.455,308Rs 90118Rs. 1,09,900
iPhone 15 Plus 128 GB Rs.265,500Rs.396,208Rs. 73718Rs. 89,900
iPhone 15 Plus 256 GB Rs.295,000Rs.432,033Rs 81918 Rs. 99,900
iPhone 15 Plus 512 GBRs.354,100Rs.491,133Rs 98318Rs. 1,19,900
iPhone 15 Pro 128 GBRs.295,000Rs.442,153Rs. 110618Rs. 1,34,900
iPhone 15 Pro 256 GBRs.324,600Rs.471,753Rs. 118818Rs. 1,44,900
iPhone 15 Pro 512 GBRs.383,700Rs.530,853Rs. 135218Rs. 1,64,900
iPhone 15 Pro Max256 GBRs.383,700Rs.540,593Rs 131118Rs. 1,59,900
iPhone 15 Pro Max512 GBRs.442,700Rs. 599,593Rs. 147518Rs. 1,79,900

iPhone 15 Series Cost: Key Reason To Cost More In Pakistan

  • High Inflation.
  • High Taxations.
  • Struggling economy and slow economic growth.

iPhone 15 Series Cost: Key Reason To Cost More In India

  • High prices of raw material
  • High custom duties imposed by Indian Government.
  • 18 Percent Good and Services Tax on overall manufacturing cost.

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