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iPhone: Addict of Clearing RAM Again and Again? Here’s How and when to do

Here, we have informed you about how you can clear RAM of your iPhone to avoid any performance related issues. Check out more details below.

Random access memory stores all the recent data used currently by an app or software. When a user opens an app in the device, it stores the required files to launch the software in a quick manner and avoid loading time. But if your iPhone’s RAM is storing a lot of apps, it can hamper the performance of your smartphone. Clearing RAM is good for a smartphone but only when it is actually required.

iPhone doesn’t comes with any direct option to clear the RAM, instead user can restart their device to free up the RAM of the device. iPhones close all the ongoing apps after restarting them which can prevent device slow down. Check ways of how you can soft reset or manually restart an iPhone below.

How to Manually Restart an iPhone?

  • Navigate to settings>General
  • Then, scroll down and tap Shut Down button.
  • Drag teh Slide to power off slider to turn off your device.
  • Hold on until your device completely gets turned off, then press and hold the Side button to restart the device.

How to Soft Reset an iPhone?

  • First, You need to Press and hold the side button or a volume button.
  • You will see a “slide to power off” option on the screen, release the button now.
  • Press and hold the side button until the phone restarts.

When to Clear RAM of an iPhone?

You can clear your RAM only when you observe any performance related issues in your device. If you are experiencing no such issue, it means your device doesn’tr requires clearing RAM.

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