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Is Sam Altman’s OpenAI scared of rejuvenated Gemini, Why are they seeking massive funding?

Sam Altman: Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, is in talks with investors, including those in the United Arab Emirates, to get money for an innovative technological project. The AI firm seems to have ambitious plans for taking AI to the next level. It’s the first time that OpenAI is seeking massive funding that dwarfs the entire AI sector’s investment. According to reports, Altman is planning to raise these massive findings to address some of the major issues in AI development.

What’s Cooking in Altman’s Mind?

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Altman is planning to raise these funds for creating advanced semiconductor technology for taking AI to the next level. It is reported that the OpenAI future project will require massive funds ranging between $5 Trillion to $7 Trillion. Altman is planning to address the supply chain issues, one of the major barriers to the development of the AI industry.

Why does Open AI Need Trillions?

With the continuous developments in Artificial Intelligence, AI systems and algorithms are also becoming sophisticated and complex and these state-of-the-art algorithms need more computational power. So, to keep these complex AI systems running, it is very important to create advanced semiconductor technologies, which is one of the major reasons OpenAI is seeking trillions from its investors.

If OpenAI CEO, Altman becomes successful in raising the said value from its investors. There is a huge possibility that the AI firm will revolutionize the AI sector which will benefit various industries, societies and economies around the world.

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