Latest satire! Apple iPhone 15 pro takes help from Google Pixel 8 to finalise holiday wish list, Watch video

Google Pixel 8 helps Apple iPhone 15 pro finalise holiday wish list in the latest video released, Watch here

Google Pixel 8: Google’s #BestPhonesForever advertisements are too good not to love. Even iPhone fans adore these advertisements, which are meant to make the Pixel appear better but also subtly make fun of the iPhone without criticising Apple.

Google Pixel 8 helps Apple iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone and Pixel are waiting in queue to visit some mall Santa as the latest video, “Must Be Santa,” opens. Pixel is curious as to what the iPhone will ask Santa for, and the iPhone has the ideal reply. “Oh, oh, I want Santa to give me all the AI stuff he got you.” The iPhone continues by listing a few of those AI features, including “Magic Editor for removing and rearranging stuff in photos.”

“You were so so so smart to ask for that stuff last year. But this year, the big man is gonna hook. Me. Up!,” iPhone says.

Pixel then corrects iPhone that Santa didn’t give the phone any of that stuff but “a bunch of Google engineers” did.

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