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Meta Connect 2023: Zuckerberg Unveils Quest 3 Mixed Reality Device, AI Chatbots; Details Inside

Mark Zuckerberg launched much awaited Quest 3 which is a mixed reality device in the Meta's annual event. Alongside, the event also witnessed the launch of several AI products like AI chatbots and Emu image generator. Checkout more details below.

Meta Connect 2023: Meta platforms organized its annual event, Meta Connect 2023, the event took place at the Meta’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California. The event started with the with a keynote speech by Mark Zuckerberg, later on he unveiled Meta Quest 3, the tech giant has increased the price of the Quest 3 by USD 200 which now starts from USD 500.

This while, the brand has offered a 512GB variant of the Quest 3 which comes starts at USD 650. Later, after launching the Quest 3, Zuckerberg unveiled several AI products which includes a new image generator called Emu, it can create images in less than 5 seconds and can make custom stickers for chats in Messenger.

Meta also announced a new generative AI assistant named Meta AI. This generative AI assitant is designed on a custom model based on the capable Llama 2 large language model which was released by the company in July this year.

Meta also confirmed the upcoming AI Personas, it has created around 28 chatbots. These AI personas features a unique backstories and personalites altogether. In the end, Mark Zuckerberg also launched Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. These glasses are capable to feature an on-board AI assistant in the form of Meta AI. Ray Ban Meta Smart glasses can be also used to identify objects, translate signs and much more.

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