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Microsoft announces Copilot key for Windows keyboards, Details

With the addition of an artificial intelligence (AI) key, Microsoft has revealed the largest redesign of its keyboards in thirty years.

Microsoft Copilot: Microsoft has declared that the “era of the AI PC” has begun with the release of a new Copilot key for Windows 11 PCs. With only one click, you may use the AI tool by using the Copilot key, which will take the position of the right Ctrl key. From late February through spring, a lot of new Windows 11 PCs should come with the key.

Microsoft Copilot key

The Copilot key, which replaces the previous menu key, is typically located next to the right-hand Alt key on keyboards, though manufacturer and market variations may occur.
This key turns on Windows 11’s Copilot functionality, which contains a chatbot that functions similarly to ChatGPT and can answer queries and even carry out activities inside of Windows.

Although Microsoft has not yet disclosed which manufacturers would use the Copilot key, we may anticipate announcements at the next Consumer Electronics Show and other events. By enabling users to do tasks using Microsoft’s generative AI tools, the new Copilot key is expected to elevate AI-powered solutions to a new level.

What did the company say?

Microsoft’s larger plan to incorporate AI into its products by 2024 includes the release of the Copilot key.

Mehdi said, We’re excited for 2024 to be the year of the AI PC. An important first step is the introduction of a Copilot key for Windows 11 PCs, which will enable one-click access to Copilot!

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