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Mira Murati Appointed Open AI’s Interim CEO; Here’s What She Said About Deepfakes

Mira Murati: Open AI has appointed a 34 year old engineer Mira Murati as an Interim CEO after the Sam Altman's dismissal from the organization.

Mira Murati: Open AI has appointed a 34 year old engineer Mira Murati as an Interim CEO after the Sam Altman’s dismissal from the organization. Mira Murati played an important role in the development of ChatGPT chatbot.

Mira Murati also contributed her part for promoting Dall-E, an AI model which is used to generate image from texts. Both these features of Open AI’s Generative AI technology came into highlights after the ever increasing cases of deepfake videos of Bollywood actors like Katrina Kaif, Rashmika Mandanna and Kajol.

What She Said on Deepfakes?

“We have chosen to make Dall-E available to the public but with certain guardrails and with certain constraints,” she said while speaking to comedian Trevor Noah last year.

“We do want people to understand what AI is capable of. But right now, we don’t feel very comfortable around the mitigation of misinformation, and so we do have certain guardrails,” Ms Murati added.

She also explained that how OpenAI remove certain data to make sure that users cannot generates morphed images of public figures.

“We do not allow generation of public figures. So we will go into the data set and eliminate certain data. That’s the first step – looking at the training data of the model and auditing it, making interventions to avoid certain outcomes,” she said.

India’s Action on Deepfakes

Past few weeks, we have seen a spark on social media about deepfakes after the morphed videos of actresses like Rashmika Mandanna went viral on internet. Taking a note of the concern related to the AI technology, Amitabh Bachhhan called for a strict legal action.

Indian Government also issued an advisory for Social media plaforms highlighting the legal actions that can be taken against them, if they promote the circulation of such morphed or fake videos.

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