New Whatsapp scam leaves many bankrupted; save yourself. Read for more

A new scam has been taken in notice on one of internet’s most famous application Whatsapp. Scammers are taking full advantages of the ones who are jobless, layoffs and need to extra income. The scammers are sending links to the users for liking posts by gaining Rs 50 for each.

Victims even fell into trap of getting Rs 5,000 per day and end up loosing lakhs of money.

How the process goes?

First the scammers send the link, then once the user click on the link they get frequent request of getting personal information, and even get a payment link in exchange for access to a job that never exists.

Their business model is to generate fake YouTube likes using bot farms with fake accounts. However, victims fall for this lack of information.

The scammers will try to pose that they are representing a social media company which many not have heard of. To get the victim on card, they even pay smaller amount of money for completing few tasks.

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