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Passwords: Using a common password? It can compromise your security – here are some run on the mills you need to avoid

Passwords: Nearly 3.5 Lakh people in India are choosing “password” as their password when signing up for an account, according to NordPass’s annual list of the 10 most popular passwords for 2022. It appears that in 2022, individuals are still choosing poor passwords. Users’ usage of weak passwords is uncovered every year, yet it seems they are unwilling to learn from their mistakes. Hackers may find it simpler to steal your data or personal information if your passwords are weak or simple to guess, which might cost you a lot of money.

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Surprisingly, the survey also reveals that more than 75,000 Indians use the password BigBasket.

The top 10 passwords used the most this year are:

  • 123456
  • bigbasket
  • password
  • 12345678
  • 123456789
  • pass@123
  • 1234567890
  • anmol123
  • abcd1234
  • googledummy
  • According to the survey, thousands of users are using these passwords.  The research states that many people throughout the world use passwords like “guest,” “VIP,” “123456,” and many others.
  • The report states, “Every year, researchers notice the same pattern- sports team, movie characters, and food items dominate every password list.” People are choosing well-known names in these categories as passwords, which are really weak and will make it much simpler for hackers.
  • The list is based on research done by the firm, in collaboration with an independent study completed by various individuals with expertise in cybersecurity issues.

Measures one can take while setting up a password

Users are recommended to create long, complex passwords including a variety of alphabets, symbols, and digits.

Two-step verification should be used for each new account that a person creates or registers for. These days, every other provider provides this option. For those who don’t know, the feature enables you to set a secondary PIN that only you know. Also, Companies like Google give prompts so you may instantly confirm sign-in.

As it is not a good practice to use the same password for several accounts, users should use unique passwords for each account. The hacker will find it simpler to guess your password and gain access to your account if the passwords are the same for every account. 

Furthermore, To prevent any form of breach or hack, update your password at least every three months if you can’t do it every month. A decent password policy is to update them every month.

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