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Paytm rolls out Guaranteed seat assistance feature; book a confirmed seat during your next trip! Details

Long waitlists for tickets can be avoided with Paytm's "Guaranteed Seat Assistance," which is especially convenient during holidays like Diwali.

Paytm's Guaranteed seat assistance feature will ensure you get a confirmed seat during your next trip, Details

Paytm: For those who purchase train tickets, Paytm has introduced a function called “Guaranteed Seat Assistance.” While purchasing a train ticket, consumers will be able to use this service to get a confirmed seat. With the help of this service, users will be able to book a confirmed ticket on the train or trains of their choice from a variety of options. Read on to learn more.

Paytm’s Guaranteed seat assistance

When purchasing a train ticket, this function helps customers guarantee a seat. It offers consumers a variety of train alternatives, so they may guarantee a confirmed reservation on the train or trains of their choice. The tool also eases travellers’ worries about ticket availability and lengthy waitlists, especially during the festive seasons.

As per Paytm, this function increases the likelihood of receiving a confirmed ticket by suggesting other train booking options from many adjacent boarding stations, thus improving consumer convenience.

How to use this feature

The following is an instructional guide for using Guaranteed Seat Assistance to book a confirmed ticket:

  • Get the Paytm app open.
  • Look for trains that depart from the location you want to go.
  • You will see the ‘Alternative Station’ option if the selected train ticket is on a waiting list.
  • Examine your alternatives for tickets from nearby alternative stations.
  • Select and reserve your tickets from the boarding station of your choice to the location of your trip.

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