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Should You Link UPI with Your Primary Bank Account? Check Pros and Cons

Here, we have informed you about pros and cons of linking your account with UPI.

UPI: Most of us have our bank accounts linked with UPI. Linking a bank account proves beneficial for users in many ways. UPI Apps provide the utmost convenience to make instant payments anytime. These apps also give various rewards in the form of cashback, points, and offers on e-commerce websites. But everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages. In the same way, sometimes linking UPI with your primary account can prove harmful and make your bank account empty. Here, in this article, we have listed the pros and cons of linking your bank account with UPI.


Linking UPI with your primary bank account provides unparalleled convenience, enabling swift and hassle-free transactions. This integration streamlines financial activities, offering a user-friendly platform for instant fund transfers and payments which saves time and effort in managing day-to-day transactions.

Single Platform

Integrating UPI with your primary account consolidates financial activities, creating a unified platform for seamless management. This streamlining effect enhances efficiency by centralizing tasks such as monitoring balances, tracking transactions and executing payments which simplifies overall financial control.

Real-time Monitoring

With UPI linked to your primary account, real-time monitoring becomes a valuable asset. This feature allows you to stay informed about account balances and transactions instantaneously which fosters heightened financial awareness and security through immediate access to crucial information.


Security Concerns

The primary drawback of linking your account with UPI lies in potential security risks. Linking UPI directly to your main account increases vulnerability; if UPI credentials are compromised, it may lead to unauthorized access to your primary bank account, exposing sensitive financial information and risking unauthorized transactions.

Limited Control

There is a concern about reduced control in the face of security breaches or fraud. Linking UPI to your primary account may limit your ability to control and contain the impact of unauthorized access, potentially resulting in financial loss or complications in resolving security issues promptly.


Relying solely on UPI for transactions may create a dependency that comes with inherent risks. Any disruptions in UPI services, whether due to technical issues or other reasons. This could temporarily hinder your ability to access funds or make payments which emphasizes on the importance of having alternative payment methods for contingencies.

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