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SpaceX Launch Live: SpaceX created history, sent four civilians to space

Another mission has now been added to the recent line of billionaires who have a passion for space travel. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule carrying four civilians left for space on a Falcon-9 rocket from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, at 5:33 am on Thursday. For the first time in the world, this spacecraft was launched into the Earth’s orbit with only ordinary citizens.

The first phased burn of the dragon has been completed.The Dragon and the Astronaut have now officially reached space. Dragon will conduct two phased burns to reach its cruising orbit of 575 km where the crew will spend the next three days in orbit around the planet Earth.

Here’s the latest update:-

According to the latest information, the rocket successfully passed its two stages after lift-off. It took him about three minutes. At seven minutes and 40 seconds, the rocket had reached the third stop. The Dragon separated from the Falcon-9 as soon as it completed its subsequent hiatus. During this, the main engine, from the second engine cutoff to the stage separation was confirmed and in the second stage, the engine was seen even starting. Along with passing all these stops, the loud voice of the constantly excited people was heard with thunderous applause.

The four astronauts going to space were sitting in the Dragon capsule. Earlier, preparations were going on before the launch and the equipment was being tested. During SpaceX’s live video feed, smoke was seen coming out of the rocket as it tested the instruments. When the smoke came out, a loud voice was also heard in the operation center, excited people.

For the first time, a spacecraft carrying only civilians has been launched into Earth’s orbit. After just five months of training, four commoners left for space. The most striking feature of this mission is that there is no professional astronaut in its crew. The spaceship in which Tesla owner Elon Musk’s company SpaceX will take citizens has many features.

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Traveling from earth to space is called space tourism. In this, the passengers are shown a view of space from inside the vehicle. From there the earth is visible below. During this, due to the lack of gravity, the passengers remain in the air inside the plane. Before the tour, the passengers are given proper training in this. The company’s trend crew members will always be there to help.

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