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Top 5 AI Tools to Make You Work Smart; From Bing Chat to ChatPDF; Check out all

Here, we have listed top 5 AI tools to make you work smarter than ever before. Check out all the options below.

Top 5 AI Tools: If you are the one who faces productivity issues in your daily work life. We understand it becomes embarrassing at times. But now, you don’t need to worry about your productivity because now all your tasks will be completed in a smarter way and prior to the deadlines. Here, in this article we will list the top 5 AI tools that can make you work smarter than ever before. Check out all the options below.

Bing Chat


  • Users can see a list of recent app activity by tapping at the clock icon displaying at the top of their chat.
  • This AI tool can genrate images from texts.
  • Customized and personalized answers to the queries of users.
  • Supports upto 30 Chat turns which is more than ChatGPT.
  • Summarizes long documents for your ease.

Canva Pro


  • Image enhancer feature that allows you to visualize products or ideas with the help of AI.
  • Magic Design features offers you similar and better design based on your inputs.
  • Canva Magic presentation features allows users to translate their presentations in different languages.
  • Capabale of converting texts into design in 100 supported languages.
  • Magic Write features allows users to write approprite content for their designs.



  • Capable of transcribe meetings in real time including Google and Zoom meets.
  • Otter.ai can also recognize the speaker during the online meetiings.
  • Can create smart voice notes with combined audio.
  • Otter.ai can also summarize your whole conference meetings.
  • Acvailable for smartphones and computer, free plan also available.



  • Enables users to write a mistake-free content.
  • Suggests an appropriate tone according to the content topic.
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions allows users to make their content more appealing.
  • Plagiasism detecting features ensures that your content is unique.
  • Clears hard to read sentences and re-write them to increase readability.



  • Converts different file formats into PDF and vice versa.
  • AI tool to add comments, notes and highlights to the PDF document.
  • Merges or combines several PDF into a single file.
  • Allows users to edit and change text in the pdf document.
  • Compress pdf files without any big quality reduction.

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