Top 5 ChatGPT Hacks one must know to make their lives easier, Details

Top 5 ChatGPT Hacks one must know to make their lives easier, Details

ChatGPT: It would be great to have a helper who could handle anything, including automating coding jobs, condensing long documents, and entertaining you with jokes or stories while you’re having coffee. ChatGPT can be just that. To make your life easier and to know the right way to use this amazing AI assistant, we will share the top 5 ChatGPT hacks.

Top 5 ChatGPT Hacks

Teach Me

You may learn how to play the guitar, learn a new language, and use programmes like Photoshop with ChatGPT. It can teach you a lot of things in a thorough and methodical way. Additionally, by providing an explanation for its rating, it can grade assignments and math problems. For learning and receiving assistance with a variety of tasks, ChatGPT is a practical and free application.

Get Advice

ChatGPT offers fair and reasonable responses that give the impression that you are speaking with an expert when you ask it for help on a variety of subjects. Chat GPT can offer advice and even compose a response for you if you need it, whether it’s for handling a difficult issue, making an impression on your in-laws, or reacting to a challenging message from a supervisor or colleague.

Playing Games

Games like trivia, text-adventure games, and even creating your own games from scratch can all be played using Chat GPT. The fact that Chat GPT can even create a game for you emphasises how simple it is to ask trivia questions. Additionally, using Chat GPT to play text-adventure games like Dungeons and Dragons is mentioned. Chat GPT can generate fresh stories for you to read.

Make Original Content

Chat GPT has the ability to produce entirely original material, including songs, Instagram posts, lectures, and even one-page cover letters for employment applications. It’s a flexible tool for everyone in search of original material because there are countless choices for creating content.


In addition to planning your vacation schedule and suggesting films and literature, ChatGPT may also play games with you and interpret formal agreements. It also provides guidance on a range of subjects, such as challenging circumstances and professional problems.

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