Top 5 iPhone Hacks That Will Make Your Phone Experience Soar, Check Out

Top 5 iPhone Hacks that will make your life way easier, Check Out

Top 5 iPhone Hacks: Do you believe you understand all of your iPhone’s abilities? Rethink your assumptions. Many are unaware of the incredible power that their iPhones possess. The helpful (and hidden) tricks that make the iPhone even more awesome are often ignored by many. In this article, we will share with you 5 amazing iPhone hacks that will make your life way easier.

Top 5 iPhone Hacks that will make your life way easier

Increase your texting speed

To input digits and symbols, simply hold down the “123” button, drag it over the desired number or symbol, and then release it. This eliminates the need to constantly switch keyboards. With practice, you can write text messages in less time than before.

Get flash notifications

You may set the camera flash to blink every time your phone goes off if you have hearing loss or are simply sick of hearing the loud, bothersome notifications on your iPhone. Navigate to Accessibility in Settings and select Audio/Visual. To use this feature, toggle the “LED Flash for Alerts” switch.

Take a photo when your storage is full

The annoying “Storage Full” notification can be avoided by taking a picture using the Facebook or Twitter app. It’s as simple as clicking the camera icon while creating a new tweet or post and snapping a picture. Your Camera Roll will store the final image.

Write on email attachments

Tap the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the PDF to make changes when it opens in your Mail app. To add text, a signature, or to utilise the magnification tool, you can also hit the + icon in the lower right corner.

Find an iPhone’s owner

To find someone’s lost iPhone, simply ask Siri, “Whose phone is this?” while holding down the home button. When you return the device, you can contact the owner since she will provide you with their name.

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