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Twitter source code leaked, Former employee suspected to be responsible

Twitter: According to reports, Twitter’s source code, which forms the basis of every application, was leaked, and the business believes a former employee is to blame. A software development platform called GitHub had some portions of the code exposed for “at least several months,” but it was removed when the social media business reported “copyright infringement notice.” The US District Court for the Northern District of California has been contacted by Twitter to request that GitHub reveal the identify of the user, who appears to go by the moniker “FreeSpeechEnthusiast,” according to The New York Times. The pseudonym makes a passing allusion to Elon Musk, who currently owns Twitter and describes himself as a “free speech absolutist.”

Source code leak was only recently made known to Twitter executives

According to the article, the source code leak was only recently made known to Twitter executives. Developers frequently regard source codes as sacred, and they can reveal flaws that enable hackers to target consumers. To increase app security, businesses occasionally only provide a portion of the source code. At the end of this month, Musk also intends to provide the source code used to propose tweets.

Algorithm is too complicated

Musk said that “our algorithm” is too complicated and not completely understood internally in a tweet sent earlier this month. Many ridiculous things will be found by people, but we’ll fix any problems as soon as they are discovered! We’re working on streamlining our process to deliver more appealing tweets, but it’s still in the early stages. And that will be open source. Giving access to the source code will at first be extremely embarrassing, but it should quickly increase the quality of the recommendations. Most essential, we want to gain your confidence.

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Musk took over the Twitter last year

More than 50% of Twitter’s global workforce has been laid off since Musk took over the firm last year, while some employees have willingly departed the organisation. The company currently employs about 3000 people, down from 7,500 in September 2022. According to Brett Callow, a cybersecurity specialist, “the public publishing of Twitter’s code is troubling.” One of the best ways to reduce insider risk, he continues, is to maintain employee satisfaction, which Twitter most definitely hasn’t done.

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