Viral Video: Man Completes Century in Violating Traffic Rules, Has to Pay Rs 56000 in Fines; Watch Video as he Breaks the Law Again

Viral Video: Man fined Rs 56000 for violating traffic rules, See the video here

Viral Video: In order to keep an eye on people who violate traffic laws, most major cities now have cameras covering the roads. Social media is frequently flooded with videos of people violating traffic laws. This time, a clip of a young Bengaluru man riding a scooter is going viral.

Man fined Rs 56000 for violating traffic rules

The footage in the video looks to be from a dash camera. A scooter is seen driving on the road in the video. On the incorrect side, a young man is spotted approaching on a scooter. When the car in front of him stops, the driver does not turn around but instead keeps on moving on the wrong side of the road.

The man driving the scooter has hit a century in challans. When the man driving the car searched for the scooter with the number recorder in the dashcam footage he was surprised to find out the number of challans which totalled Rs 56000.

Traffic laws he violated

Challans were issued for violating traffic laws, such as operating a scooter in the wrong direction or while without wearing a helmet and no parking. The person who uploaded the video has urged Bengaluru Police to pursue legal action against the suspect.

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