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Vivo and Volkswagen partner up to develop a seamless and smooth digital mobility experience, Details

The formation of the "Mobile x Mobility Fusion Joint Innovative Lab" (abbreviated as M Lab) in partnership with vivo, a top smartphone manufacturer in China, was announced by CARIAD China, the Chinese branch of software business CARIAD under Volkswagen Group.

Vivo and Volkswagen partner up to develop a seamless and smooth digital mobility experience, Details

Vivo and Volkswagen: The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo and the software company CARIAD of the Volkswagen Group have partnered to create cutting-edge smart car communication solutions.

Vivo and Volkswagen partner up

The Mobile x Mobility Fusion Joint Innovative Lab, also known as M Lab, is a joint lab that the two companies established in China with the goal of concentrating on research and development in areas like user data integration within the vehicle, bidirectional smartphone and smart car synchronisation, and seamless intelligent application connections.

The research and development team at M Lab is made up of skilled locals from vivo and CARIAD China. They have extensive backgrounds in research and development and are committed to quickly addressing the needs of Chinese consumers. Both parties will continue to look for new avenues for business cooperation in the field of Mobile x Mobility Fusion in the future. They will rely on data models and AI learning capabilities to achieve seamless connectivity in multi-device scenarios, and they will continuously drive the advancement of digital automotive products and services.

The partnership aims to provide customers with a seamless and easy digital mobility experience. The collaborative lab will work on creating new hardware and software to improve communication between smart automobiles and smartphones.

Users will be able to take advantage of a more convenient and customised driving experience, as well as remotely manage their vehicles and access vehicle data and services via smartphones.

What did Vivo say?

Vice President of Vivo, Zhou Wei, stated: “As of now, vivo’s smart car system has successfully covered 160 million mobile phone users. This year, vivo officially launched the BlueLM, which will further promote the expansion and upgrading of travel ecosystem scenes. We firmly believe in the concept that ‘going alone may be fast, but going together can go further.’ With an open and collaborative ecological philosophy, vivo continues to contribute to the progress and development of the entire industry. In the future, vivo will also collaborate with CARIAD China to explore more applications for integrating BlueLM with Mobile x Mobility interactions, bringing innovation in interaction, efficiency, and services for travel users.”

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