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THIS AI Startup built by Ex-Google Employees lets you talk to celebrities, All you must know

An AI business founded by Google's former staff members may receive funding from the company. Talking to virtual celebrities is now possible thanks to a chatbot built by the startup.

Artificial Intelligence: The computer industry has been talking a lot about artificial intelligence since last year, and a lot of startups, mid-sized businesses, and IT giants have made investments in the field. Businesses across all industries are becoming more interested in artificial intelligence, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Bain & Company. According to the most recent sources, Google intends to contribute millions of dollars to a different AI startup. Additionally, it is being developed by two former Google workers. In this article, we will tell you all about this startup.

Google to invest in Charecter.AI?

Although the precise sum is still unknown, Alphabet is rumoured to be in discussions to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Character.AI.

the business is looking for funding to train algorithms and meet consumer demand. A source claims that the investment will strengthen the current partnership’s character and could be set up as convertible notes. The company has previously worked with Google, where it trains models using Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) and Google’s cloud services.

In addition to speaking with Google, Character.AI is negotiating equity funding with venture capitalists, which may result in a valuation of the business exceeding $5 billion. The business raised $1 billion in capital in March thanks to a $150 million fundraising round headed by Andreessen Horowitz.

All about Charecter.AI

Character was started by Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas, two former Google workers. Users can develop their own chatbots and AI assistants with AI, and they can engage with virtual representations of celebrities. Although the platform is free, customers who want faster access to chatbots can subscribe for $9.99 a month.

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