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Animal Viral Video: And the man thought he was safe! Tiger’s extraordinary high jump to catch the food will blow you over; WATCH

In the video, a man throws a piece of prey towards the tiger. The tiger shows unbelievable jumping skills and catch the prey with outstanding high jump.

Animal Viral Video

Animal Viral Video: Videos of animals are very viral on the internet and these videos are also liked a lot. These videos are liked on the internet because of the unique and dangerous forms of animals that can be seen in these videos. One such video is going viral on the internet in which a cheetah is catching its prey by jumping in a very spectacular manner.

It raises concern over the man’s life as well because if the tiger can jump above the fence then he can cross it also which can be very dangerous for him. You will also be shocked to see him because the cheetah has made a very good jump.

Amazing jump of cheetah shown in animal viral video

Videos of animals are very much liked on the internet because something unique and dangerous is seen in these videos. Something has been seen in this video which is unbelievable because in this video the cheetah is catching its food by making a spectacular jump. Seeing the food in the hands of the person standing on this side, the leopard standing on the other side of the barbed fence comes running.

As soon as a man throws that piece of meat towards the leopard, it throws it very fast and catches it with the help of its claws. Seeing this scene in the video, your heart will start beating faster because the amazing skills of the cheetah are astonishing.

How high can a Tiger jump?

After watching the video, it’s obvious that you must think about this question. Tigers are the best high jumpers in the world, reaching heights of more than ten feet at a time. When in full flight, they may also spring vertically up to 20 feet in the air.

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