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Animal Viral Video: Dog attacks child but there’s a twist; Watch to see what happens

Animal Viral Video: Online users are drawn to animal videos because they highlight the adorable and hidden aspects of animals. These videos occasionally feature a sweet interaction between a dog and a little child who attempts to show the dog affection and gets affection in return—but the attack isn’t the typical kind that dogs give. It demonstrated the lovely and endearing bond that dogs have with their owners and their children, as well as the fact that pets are kind animals.

Watch Animal Viral Video

Sometimes something is seen in animal viral videos that will melt anyone’s heart and something similar is being seen in this new video in which a dog is playing with a child and is also loving him a lot. Is. In the beginning of the video, first, the child shows love to the dog and also teases it, but after some time, the dog gets upset and tries to dominate the child, as if its heart gets frightened and it starts beating the child. Seeing this lovely relationship between them will make your heart happy because the chemistry between them is very beautiful.

Netizens reacted to the video

The video took the internet by storm and netizens reacted to the video shared by an Instagram user. The comment section was flooded with love and appreciation for both of them. They also raised concerns about the safety of the child. One user wrote, “It’s not cute!! It’s an accident waiting to happen!! 😡😡 wen will parents learn!!” Another user wrote, “Puppy dog was so gentle with the baby’s toes! Just like my GSD!”

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