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Animal Viral Video: Dog’s cool as a cucumber reaction despite being irritated by monkey will win you over; WATCH

Watch in astonishment as a passionate dog maintains a cool-as-a-cucumber manner in the face of an irate monkey's naughty actions.

Animal Viral Video

Animal Viral Video: Animal videos are a constant source of attraction for internet users because they show viewers unexpected and spectacular events of animals, which constantly drive people insane. These are intriguing to watch videos; most of them feature animals.

Videos of dogs and monkeys are viral on the internet because the amazing form of these animals can be seen in these videos. One such video is going viral in which a monkey is harassing a dog but the dog is still calm.

Watch Animal Viral Video

Animal videos get a lot of love and appreciation on the internet because very spectacular forms of animals can be seen in them. In a recent viral video, a dog is standing on the terrace and a monkey is coming and harassing it continuously. The dog tries to play with the monkey but the monkey keeps bothering him and does not stop at all. At last, getting fed up, the dog also tries to attack the monkey but he does not attack and tries to play with it. In the video, it can be seen how well dogs play with other animals.

Netizens reacted to the video

The video went viral online and it took the internet by storm because the duo looked amazing while playing. It made the netizens go berserk and they praised the duo in the comments of the video. One user wrote, “The dog was friendly and you can see the body of the dog he can easily kill the monkey.”

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