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Animal Viral Video: Friendship Heights! Monkey Refuses to Leave This Man; Inseparable Duo Win Over Netizens, Watch

A Man and a monkey hold a beautiful friendship as one refuses to let go of the other

Animal Viral Video
Animal Viral Video

Animal Viral Video: In a sweet viral video, a baby monkey refuses to let go of a man by holding onto his leg. Monkeys are creatures that need a lot of social interaction to survive. Moreover, they form close bonds with their fellow monkeys and thrive in large environments. Therefore, both humans and monkeys share a lot of common traits. In this video, a monkey and a human share an inseparable bond.

Monkey holds on to the man in an animal viral video

In a video that has been surfacing the internet, a monkey grabs onto a man who feeds a troop of monkeys. A few men feed baskets full of bananas to monkeys in a remote area. They throw the bananas towards them and the monkeys grab them enthusiastically. As they spend time with the monkeys, one baby monkey holds onto the left of a man and refuses to let go. In this video, pure love can be seen between the monkey and the man. As the man tries to let go of the monkey, it comes back to him as his safe space. Later, the man takes the monkey with him, while it holds onto his shirt adorably. The netizens were left in awe after seeing this beautiful friendship between the two.

Netizens react

This video has over 116000 likes. Moreover, netizens were left feeling touched by this heartwarming video and commented, “When an animal choose you, it’s a blessing. They are loyal full bloom loyalty” and “He is really good hearted Hero”

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