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Animal viral video: Lion takes a majestic stroll on flyover amidst heavy rain in Gujarat; netizen say, ‘Raja ji rajye brahman pe nikle hai’

Animal viral video: In a remarkable incident that has captivated social media users, a video showing a lion walking gracefully on a flyover in Gujarat has gone viral. This unusual sight of a wild animal striding confidently in a human-dominated area has left netizens in awe and wonder.

Watch the viral video here

The captivating clip was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda with caption, “Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein … Lion enjoying the rain and taking a stroll on the flyover. Gujarat.” It begins with a breathtaking scene of a lion leisurely walking along the flyover. The mesmerizing moment unfolds as a car approaches the majestic creature, prompting the vehicle to slow down and come to a stop, allowing the lion to continue its regal stroll.

You can watch the video here: https://twitter.com/susantananda3/status/1683343323363426304?s=20

The video, recorded in Gujarat, showcases the lion seemingly unbothered by the presence of human-made structures and vehicles. The big cat appears to relish the rainy weather as it gracefully moves amidst the sounds of traffic. With a backdrop of dark clouds and rain-soaked roads, the scene is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Netizens react in amazement

The video has over 204.3k views and people are flooding the comment section. One user commented, “Lions look good in jungles as much as humans look good in cities. For the betterment of both, they should be confined to their own habitats.” Another user commented, “OMG Shows how much of space is invaded! Son learn to co exist.” One of them commented, “I think it’s not at all cool. One motorist just crossed at a dangerous close encounter..luckily lion is not in a hunting mood. At almost end of the vid we can see some of them going on 2 wheeler. People should get educated by Forest dept. on what to do in such situations.” Some comments were like, “Surprising that a wild animal is so much at ease in urban environment. He is not at all confused or aggressive,” “Wow!! Lion has also the right to enjoy rain.” 

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