Animal Viral Video: Not Just Humans, Animals Also Crave For Attention, Watch This Dog’s Drama to Seek Owner’s Eyeballs

Animal Viral Video

Animal Viral Video: Online users are drawn to animal videos because they showcase the amazing and captivating sides of these creatures. It’s amazing how much animals desire attention, just like people do! This is nicely demonstrated in a recent viral video that came across. In the video, an adorable dog tries some hilarious antics to get his owner’s attention because he is so desperate for it. The dog will catch people’s attention with its playful and attention-seeking behaviour. The extent to which our animal companions can converse with us and make us laugh with their antics is truly remarkable!

Watch Animal Viral Video

Videos of animals become very viral on the internet because of the amazing form of animals that can be seen in them. In this video, it is seen that a dog is getting very angry with its owner because its owner is showing love to another dog. Angered by this, the dog lies down on the other side of the sofa and starts acting dramatically to get the owner to pay attention to him, but his efforts prove to be very ineffective. The dog is left alone and its jealousy cannot be resolved.

Netizens Reacted to the Video

The video has garnered a lot of attention on the internet because it showed the cute antics of the dog. Netizens were quick to react to the video in the comment section of the post. One user wrote, “Oh my soul, he is so cute.”

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