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Animal Viral Video: Not just humans, Animals get Jealous too! Watch their priceless reaction when they are ignored

Viral Video: Many videos have become popular on the internet showing unusual animal shapes that drive people insane. You’ve probably heard and witnessed that humans are envious and upset with one another. It’s also probable that you’ve felt envious of someone at some point in your life. Jealousy, like happiness and sadness, is deemed normal. But did you realize that animals, like people, experience jealousy? Perhaps only a handful of you have witnessed and heard this. However, a video went viral online which showed the wonderful display of animal jealousy that will leave you in splits.

Watch Animal Viral Video

A video is quickly going viral on social media that will leave you in splits because it shows the unusual and unseen side of animals. You can see that the camera captured the jealousy of parrots, dogs, and bunnies. In this viral video, these animals display a lot of rage at the toys, and it is evident from their emotions that they are afraid of toys. As a result, the animals are seen expressing their rage on them. These animals demand that, except for them, no other animal be allowed in their owner’s home. That is why they are attacking these toys. Seeing their anger, anybody can understand that they are feeling jealous of the toys and their actions will leave you in splits.

Netizens reacted to the video

The video was shared by an Instagram account which entertained the internet. Netizens reacted to the video in the comment section of the post. One user wrote, “Parrot tried his best to impress.” Another user wrote, “Lol the bird literally hopped on the hand and cut a diss freestyle.”

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