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Animal viral video: Thrill-seeker or Risk-taker? Man’s unusual encounter with two king cobras will leave you scratching your head; watch  

Animal viral video

Animal viral video: The internet’s appetite for all things unusual and entertaining knows no bounds. From heartwarming animal videos to head-scratching activities, online platforms offer an unusual mix of content that keeps us amused and intrigued. A similar kind of video is making rounds on Internet where a man can be seen provoking two king cobras. 

Watch the viral video here 


A video making rounds online recently is raising eyebrows and prompting questions about the boundary between fearlessness and sheer madness. In this viral video, a man is seen provocatively interacting with two imposing king cobras, defying conventional notions of human-snake encounters. As viewers watch the viral video, a question lingers in the air: Is the man in the video truly fearless, or does his audacious behavior border on madness? The video showcases the man’s lack of fear as he teases the two king cobras.

Intriguingly, the snakes’ displeasure is evident. The video captures moments where the king cobras hiss, a clear indication of their discomfort. Despite their evident anger, the man appears unfazed and continues to engage with the snakes, seemingly engaging in a daring dance with danger.

Fearless or Madness?

The video leaves viewers in a state of mixed emotions. The video has gained significant attention on the internet with 106000 likes and over 11 million views. The video was originally uploaded on YouTube shorts with username Aliwafa Channel. 

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