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Animal Viral Video: Turtle Tries to Stop Lion From Drinking Water; Watch to see What Happens Next

See how a fierce turtle challenges a powerful lion in an unexpected attempt to stop the latter's thirst-quenching expedition.

Animal Viral Video: The ability to see a wide variety of animal forms in animal videos makes them extremely popular on the internet. Because other internet users find these videos to be extremely entertaining, they quickly become viral. These very entertaining videos also occasionally show the bravery of small animals. You won’t believe this, but there’s a video going viral on the internet where a brave tortoise tries to stop a lion from drinking water. After watching the video, you’ll be shocked to see how courageous the tortoise is being. Watch the video to find out what happens next.

Watch Animal Viral Video

There are a lot of unexpected and humorous videos on the internet that always entertain people. A video of one of these turtles is going viral on social media these days. A tortoise is shown in this video preventing a lion from taking a drink of water from the pond. The lion is seen drinking water at the beginning of the video while it is sitting on the pond’s edge. Suddenly, a turtle appears and begins to stop the lion from drinking.

The tortoise repeatedly approaches the lion’s mouth and prevents him from getting water. The tortoise appears to be telling the lion that this is his territory and that he should move on. The lion tries to drink some water while continuing to stare at it. Following this, the lion continues to drink water, at which point the tortoise attempts to shoo him away by staring at him and eventually the lion gives up.

Netizens Reacted to the Video

The video was shared on the popular platform X and it has garnered attention among the internet users. The comment section was filled with reactions because netizens loved the video. One user wrote, “I think this turtle wants to be eaten.” Another user wrote, “At the beginning of the video when he gave the head nod like, “Go away” lol. Cool video. Thanks for sharing,”

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