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Animal Viral Video: When Life is at Stake! Iguana runs for Cover as Snakes Start Chasing; Watch to see what happens next

The animal viral video shows an exciting and deadly encounter between the Iguana and the snakes.

Animal Viral Video: Animal videos never fail to entertain the audience because they show the unseen and adorable side of animals. These videos make rounds on the internet and online users also become impressed with these videos because they leave them stunned by showing unexpected and extraordinary nature of the animals. A recent video shows deadly encounter between the herd of snakes and an Iguana. The snakes make iguana run for life by chasing him unstoppably on the volcanic island. In the video, it is visible that the iguana is running very fast to save its life from the snakes. 

Animal Viral Video Shows Deadly Encounter

Videos of animals become very viral on the internet because in these videos, a very dangerous and unseen form of animals can be seen. In a recent video going viral, it can be seen how an iguana is running without stopping to save its life from a group of snakes. The snakes living on volcanic islands are often in search of their food and in such a situation, the sighting of the iguana was a very happy moment for them because they could clearly see their prey.

Seeing the iguana, the herd of snakes increases its speed and the iguana also runs very fast to save its life. The snakes try every way to catch him but fail. In the end, the snakes gather and capture the iguana but he uses his cunning mind and courage to escape and manages to save his life.

Iguana showed courage and use of brain

By watching this video, we learn that when your mind and courage are focused, you can overcome even the most difficult journey easily. This iguana’s brains and courage helped him save his life.

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