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Bhojpuri Dance Video: Akshara Singh’s Short Saree Floors Pawan Singh, ‘Patar Chhitar Chhotaki Jahajiya’ Makes Audiences Crazy; WATCH

Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh are famous for their mesmerizing and energetic dance performances and this one garnered attention.

Bhojpuri Dance Video

Bhojpuri Dance Video: Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh are popular names in the industry and they are favourites of the audience because their chemistry delights their audience. Their songs make rounds on the internet and the song ‘Patar Chhitar Chhotaki Jahajiya’ went viral once again. Pawan and Akshara delivered several mesmerizing performances and this song is another one on the list. They raised the bar high with their stunning chemistry and wonderful dance performance on the foot-tapping beats of the song.

Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh impress the internet

Right from the beginning of the song, Akshara Singh leaves no chance to impress Pawan Singh. As soon as the song starts, she starts spreading the magic of her style. In the beginning, Pawan keeps some distance from Akshara but he is unable to stop himself and both of them show very interesting dance. Seeing their chemistry, your heart will be happy because both of them are dancing in a wonderful way which people like the most.

Pawan and Akshara are amazing performers and people like their performances very much. In this song, she has done very good dance and romance due to which this song is going viral again on the internet. Akshara is looking amazing in her sizzling outfit. Pawan is also looking handsome like every time in his casual outfit.

Fans loved the Bhojpuri Dance Video

The video went viral online once again and their performance garnered attention on the internet. Netizens flooded the comments with love and appreciation. Pawan and Akshara raised the temperature high online and the audience loved every move. It has garnered more than 59 million views on the internet.

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