Chandrayaan-3 Rover’s smooth descent to lunar surface, ISRO unveils breathtaking footage; watch video

Chandrayaan 3

Chandrayaan-3: India is the first country in the world to have landed a Chandrayaan 3 on the South Pole of the Moon. India’s Chandrayaan 3 successfully landed on the moon on August 23. Along with this, the scientists of India have displayed their talent all over the world. All the leaders of the world including PM Narendra Modi have appreciated this proud achievement of India. Now on August 25, The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has shared a video on its Twitter (now X), in which the rover is ramping down from the lander to the lunar surface. This video shared by ISRO has received 143.3K views in a short time.

Watch the video

ISRO has shared a big update about Chandrayaan-3. The first video of the rover ramping down from Chandrayaan-3 to the moon has surfaced. ISRO itself has shared this video on x (formerly known as Twitter). Sharing this incredible clip, ISRO wrote, ” here is how the Chandrayaan-3 Rover ramped down from the Lander to the Lunar surface..”

Earlier last night (August 24), ISRO had shared another video in which it can be seen that during the landing of Chandrayaan-3, the lander took several pictures of the lunar surface. Posting the video of over 2 minutes, ISRO wrote, ‘Here’s how the lander imager camera captured the image of the moon just before touchdown.’

Netizens react to video

One commented, “This all because of ISRO.” Another wrote, “We are proud of this mission.” One of them wrote, “ISRO 🇮🇳 our chandrayan 3 on top of the moon.”

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