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Devar bhabhi dance: The duo’s extraordinary and alluring chemistry on ‘Lo Chali Main’ is sending netizens into frenzy; watch video that’s winning hearts online

Devar bhabhi dance

Devar bhabhi dance has always been an interesting and entertaining thing to watch in an Indian wedding. In a recent viral video, a devar-bhabhi duo is seen dancing on the famous Bollywood song ‘Lo Chali Main’ and the electrifying dance moves of Bhabhi are setting the internet on fire. The video showcases the bhabhi dancing energetically and gracefully while the devar is sitting on a decorated mare, admiring her every move.

Devar bhabhi dance is going viral

The video has taken social media by storm with netizens going gaga over the duo’s chemistry and the energy they bring to the dance floor. The bhabhi is dressed in a traditional red lehenga and looks stunning with her captivating expressions and mesmerizing dance moves. The devar, on the other hand, is seen dressed in a white shervani and is completely in awe of his bhabhi’s dancing skills.

The chemistry is heartwarming

The video seems to be recorded during a wedding baraat where the devar is leading the procession on a horseback while the bhabhi is dancing on the beats of ‘Lo Chali Main’. The combination of the beautiful and energetic dance moves of the bhabhi and the traditional Indian wedding customs have made the video a perfect delight to watch. The chemistry between the devar and bhabhi is so beautiful and heartwarming that it is hard not to be impressed by their performance.

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